Hot OLED high-definition recording with MP3 (8GB)

Unit Price: US $20



  • multi function voice recorder, can play MP3,WMA, WAV documents
  • LED Voice recorder/voice recorder pen/digital voice recorder/sound recorder
  • Recording segment at most: 199 segments
  • Speaker output power at most: 180mW32 ohm
  • Recording output format: LP folder is. ACT format. WAV music recording folder isWAVformat,MP3 music recording folder areMP3format
  • Use surround: 0-40
  • Supply way: 1.5V AAA battery 1 piece
  • Play Frequency: 500Hz-3500Hz
  • Play music format: MP1MP2MP3WMAWMVASFWAV
  • Recording distortion: Speaker10%volume at most,Earphone1 %volume at most
  • Screen: 128*32 super LCD screen
  • Battery capacitance: About 24 hours LP 32K recording, play about 20 hours the 21th volume earphone output
  • USB Transmit standard: Full speed USB 2.0

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