Porcelain Flower Pattern Speaker

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 This product is suitable for a variety of Bluetooth products such as the iPhone 3G/4G, the iPad, iPad, and other mobile phones, computers, game consoles so that you can not have any wiring, enjoy your music, movies and games.

Product Features:
1) The Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology, 2.4G ISM band.
2), large data transfer rates up to 2.1Mbps, three times the Bluetooth technology.
3), which in of accessible Kongkuo places Linear transmission distance can reach 10 meters.
4), when playing music, it sounds good, but very little distortion. Allows you to enjoy, wireless music to bring you the freedom and fun.

Ø There are three buttons: NEXT / VOL-, PLAY / PAUSE, PREV / VOL +
Ø USB charging
Ø Bluetooth Version: ISSC 1621-152 V2.1 Bluetooth chip is backward compatible with V2.0, V1.2 and V1.1 standards support A2DP, ACRCP EDR.
Ø Applicable models: suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (Note: the various machine models compatibility, the phone must support A2DP: iPhone 3G/4G / Apple iPad/iPad2) and Bluetooth computer (Windows Xp / Vista / 7 and Apple).
Ø Operating Frequency: 2402MHz ~ 2480MHz ISM Band
Ø Working distance: 10 meters (in Kongkuo test. Note: The walls or other objects that may affect transmission distance)
Ø Working time: about 8 hours
Ø Operating voltage: 3.3V ~ 4.2V
Ø Average Operating Current: 80mA
Ø charging current: 300mA
Ø Charging time: 3 hours
Ø Data transfer rate: 2.1Mbps
Ø Signal to Noise Ratio: 85dB
Ø Frequency Range: 80Hz to 20KHz
Ø Sound Output: low-power Class-D digital amplifier output
Ø Power supply: Built-in lithium battery 3.7V / 500MA
Ø Output Power: 2W
Ø Automatic shutdown function: five minutes no device is connected (no signal or music), it will automatically shut down.
Ø Product size: 125x65mm
Ø Product Gross Weight: 310g
Ø Color: black, white
Material: Plastic 
Color: Black 
Dimensions (cm): 12.4 X 12.4 X 6.4 
Weight (kg): 0.2

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