Powerful Smart Watches with Mobile Phone Synchronization U3

Unit Price: US $34


1, bluetooth dialer, when the bluetooth connection, can watch anywhere at any time call the phone number 2, synchronous smartphones thinner, need not pay the smartphone can watch query or make a phone call;Ring 3, synchronous calls, when the phone, watch will ring or vibrate to remind, and display the caller phone number, do not need to take a smartphone, you can watch on, so don't miss a call.4, prevent loss of function, when the smart phone away, more than 10 meters, watch will ring or vibrate to remind you, never worry about missing mobile phone;5, micro letter/QQ/SMS synchronization, as long as you install APk in android smartphone software, when text messages to remind and see at the watch;6. Remote control picture, built-in altitude meter, pedometer, alarm clock, stopwatch, 7, 1.44 inch Gao Qingbing, resolution of 128 * 128 8, flat panel design, capacitive touch screen 8, supported languages: Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese;Many languages such as

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